FAQ for aFirewall

1). What does white list use for?
White list allows you to specify all the people who are important to you, like family members, business partners, etc., You can have them privileged and allowed to call or text you even anyone else is being blocked, which is perfect for holidays, business meetings and so on. To block anyone but white list, simply set “Accept white list only” in your rule definition and none else would be able to bother you.

2). What does private conversation use for?

  • aFirewall can hide all the calls and messages sent by given people, so anyone playing with your phone won’t see it. All calls and messages will be moved into special list within the app. Access to these lists can be password protected.
  • Calls and messages from numbers listed here will not be blocked,
  • All messages and call records from these numbers are kept in aFirewall internal log and not visible in Dialer’s Call log pane nor can be read in Messaging,
  • aFirewall can notify you whenever private number is calling or texting you.

3). How to send design log to me?
When some issue happened on your phone, I will be very appreciated if you can reproduce it.I am sorry that aFirewall has issue in your phone. Would you like to reproduce this issue and send the design log to me by following steps right after this test is done? Thank you very much.

  • Download application “Log collector” from market by search “log collector”;
  • Reproduce the issue;
  • Open log collector and input my email “thmstong@gmail.com” and send it to me.

4). How aFirewall hangup mode works?
aFirewall try to avoid forwarding blocked calls into voicemail with following two ways.

  • You need to setup “Forward when busy” to blank number. If a unwanted call is incoming, aFirewall will reject it, thus the phone is busy, now your phone operator will forward this call to the blank number which you set. Because this number is blank, thus there is no voicemail for it. But this function is based on your phone operator, it maybe a paid service. You can setup it in your phone settings, otherwise, you need to consult your phone operator to get to know how to setup it. This way has a disadvantage, it will not your wanted calls into voicemail when your phone is busy.
  • “Accept and hangup”. this option will accept your unwanted calls at first, hold sometime, then hangup it. This way maybe cost your minutes based on your plan. You need to clarify it.

5). What is Private Number?
Private Number means that its number was hidden and we don’t know the exact number of a call.

6). In Rules settings, does it charge for the replied SMS to blocked calls or SMS?
The replied SMS is the same as the normal one, aFirewall will not charge for it, but the provider will.

7). Why does SMS popup although it was set to be blocked?
aFirewall can work well with offical Messaging application. But aFirewall can’t be compatible with the third-party application such as ChompSMS and SMSPopup, etc.

8. Can aFirewall block MMS?
Yes. But aFirewall can’t block MMS for android1.5.

9). Why does aFirewall not work during a call?
This is design intentation. aFirewall will also hangup the ongoing call if it tried to block the unwanted calls. Thank you very much.

10). How to install aFirewall if you got it from Email or Internet?

Sometimes you maybe got aFirewall installation apk file from me by email, please install it by following steps:

  • Download apk to your PC from email and copy it to your phone SD card from PC; Maybe you can login your email from your phone browser, then download it to your SD card directly.
  • Download applicatoin “app installer” from Market;
  • Open “app installer” and install the aFirewall apk.

11). What’s the difference between this and the free app?
aFirewall paid version has following features:

  • Multi hangup mode supported;
  • Protected conversation;
  • Manual rules supported;
  • More options added;
  • Continuous support and development.

About afirewall

Thomas Tong is a software developer
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2 Responses to FAQ for aFirewall

  1. Zerojustice says:

    I want block all call of Venezuela, wildcards can be used? example: in black list add +58* ?

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